Who do you think, should inherit the wrestlemania universal championship from roman reigns?

Roman Reigns has defended his title for the last 10 years. Now, the question remains one, who is worthy to inherit the title?

According to reigns, the belt deserves somebody who is able to defend the belt in every way. It deserves a person who has passion for wrestling.

In the last days we have seen that roman reigns has not had a challenger, Like he has not been in the ring for around 3 months. Many people are saying that if reign has the belt, then we need to see more action from him.

We sampled some of the comments on social media and according to some wrestlemania fans, the WWWE is some-how losing its taste, but is this true? Well we have seen some legends in the ring hanging their boots, including john Cena who would be a perfect universal belt holder. Dwayne the Rock Johnson also quitted wrestlemania and moved to the film industry, and unfortunately Roman reigns will give up his belt and predictably he will join the film industry too.

The remaining potential fighters now in the ring remain to be Seth Rollins, MARCHYNTYRE AND Daniel Brian, we don’t know if RKO master and the beast will be back.

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