How to monetize your tiktok channel

Take time it or love it Tiktok is getting people paid. Many people start a tiktok channel for fun or maybe just a joke. But think about this, there are many kids who are making more money than adults who dedicated their life to career world. Now I won’t advise you to quit your job, but you can try your luck as a side hustle. Many people have more than 10000 followers and still they haven’t been revealed to the earning world

In this blog am going to show you how you can just create 15 minutes video and just sit down and just wait for money to pop in. 10,000 followers, I won’t lie to you, but for you to get here you need extra effort. Remember the quote “quality is better than quantity”. So here is the deal, the idea is not how many videos you create but how good the video is. The kind of content you create too will matter. Try and create special content, try and be as unique as you can.

After doing this you will take your followers value to the next level. What do you do after attaining the 10000 followers mark?

Now there are big companies that have stored billions of funds just for you this companies include, the creator fund. This is actually the best platform that pays you just for posting videos.

The other company is the creator market place. This company is not different from creator fund. But this platform requires you to have a minimum of 10000 followers but with the tips I just gave you its not a hard thing. Invest more time in quality not quantity

The third and final way of monetizing your tiktok channel is external traffic. Probably you have 90000 followers and you haven’t monetized. But you have a monetized instagram or youtube account. Now this is what you do, in every video you post make sure you add an external link. It might be a website, instagram, or youtube link. After watching the video people will get eager to know what’s inside the link. This link will direct them to one of the accounts which adds a dollar to your account

Don’t just sit down and relax watching other people make money, it’s now your time to get out of the comfort zone

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