List of Kenya celebrities who chose family over music

Celebrity life is a good life but you are not bound to live on it forever. It’s a fantastic life, partying everyday and as many people assume drinking alcohol. But do you know there is a phase of life that can make you push aside all this. Many musicians lay in this category

They were were once famous celebrities but one day they wake up and say I don’t need to focus on this anymore.


Avril was a famous music star but a few years ago she was blessed with a son.  This put her in a dilemma where she family and music, you can guess what she choose, the family of course.


Nazizi was a famous reggae music star back in the days. She is now 45 years old and she also has a family, the dilemma is still the same she had to choose between music and family. She choose the family. Nazizi has two kids and has been in marriage with her loving husband for 15 yrs now


Timmy-t-dat is a famous Kenyan pop star who remained in the lame light for around 10 years. His billboards were everywhere but we don’t hear him any more, where could he be? Years ago the Kenyan pop star fell in love with a Tanzanian pop star by the name Roza Lee. They got married, and after getting married timmy released a couple of songs before going in long silence.

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