Tip for men: relationship is very expensive right now, just stay single and focus on your dreams and getting rich

relationship goals

This days, relationship is termed as an investment. If you disagree, just look at the ladies definition of the man of their dreams. Most probably she will say a tall dark handsome, most quoted and the last point that ladies don’t forget ‘FINANCIALLY STABLE’

Now, even before getting into a relationship you have to ask her out for a date. And as a gentleman you have to show to the woman how powerful you are so you take her to an expensive restaurant. How you treat a lady on the first date makes her know your potential what you have and everything. If you take her out on an expensive restaurant be sure he will see you as a rich man. Immediately after shooting your shot she is now your girlfriend, this is the first message you get

‘Baby, I need some money to buy new clohes I need to look good the next nay we meet’

As a gentleman you send her the cash. This trend continues until you cant give her any more money, not because you don’t want to but because you went broke. What happens next? she leaves you for another money

Just ask yourself this question, what if I invest all this money in a business? The returns will be good, right? Men, just think about the tip.

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