prostitution in kenya: Why are many women in Kenya turning into prostitution?

In Kenya, many women have turned into prostitution and have made it their profession. But why are they doing this? And do they do it willingly? Well this question is quite hard to answer but not even anybody has the right to judge.

Today Mombasa County receives not less than 1000 visitors in a day

We spoke to some of the women and this is what they had to say.

I started as a hotel worker in Killifi County where I used to work as a hotel waiter where I used to earn 200sh per day. I also had a kid who right now is at the secondary level. As you can see a salary of 200sh per day is not enough to pay for food and rent.

                     I then met a friend of mine who told me that there was a good job that was paying 1000sh a day. I didn’t even ask her what kind of job it was but because I heard the word hotel I assumed it was a hotel job. So when I reached the streets of Mombasa I noticed that there were a lot of women in the street and it was around 7.00 pm that’s  when she opened up to me that in this streets white men spend a night with women and they pay good amount of money, and that’s how I started prostitution

She went ahead to say that her son doesn’t know that she does that kind of work and she doesn’t regret getting in that business. She also said the minimum amount she earns in a day is 1000sh. Some of the challenges she faces are harassment from men where some men fail to pay after service and some don’t use protectives

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