We rule the school USA

This is the social sciences and humanities building on the UC Davis campus, also known as the Death Star, although incapable of traveling in hyperspace and not having giant super laser weapons, at least I am aware. It’s a complicated structure, and I always would have felt terrible on the real Death Star, I would never have made it if I just ran around. Similarly, if there are meetings in part of this building, I wasn’t often too often. Definitely 10-15 minutes late while getting lost in the Escher-like architecture. No more problem, now we’re all Creatures of Zoom. I drew this building after working at home all day and at the end of the day before the sun went down I felt the need to get out of the house, so I went down to campus and quickly drew this. January continues. The year 2021 always brings the year 2020 with it. I’m writing this early morning after one of those nights when I fell asleep very early (on the couch after dinner, with a headache after getting up very early yesterday morning to watch Tottenham play Sheffield United on TV) (If someone had told me that I was living in California in my forties during a global pandemic and that I was going to get up at 6 am to see Spurs play Sheffield United I would have said yes, that sounds about right. “Oh, but Spurs wear green shirts. “” THAT!?! “). It was a dream last night full of crazy dreams, everywhere, all kinds of things happening. Usually I’m back in London in some way during these dreams, they were the kind of dreams that take me a few hours to get over when I wake up , which I did today around 4:30 am So I got up and listened to podcasts on soccer tactics and X-Men, listened to Belle and Sebastian, I always fixed my mood, and I’ve been trying to draw a picture of Boulogne Sur Mer, which is taking longer than it does to cross the English Channel. I started a new virtual sketch tour, as there are no trips, I’m going to go on a virtual Tour de France. I already drew Calais. I should miss Boulogne, but it’s impossible as they go hand in hand from the perspective of a British day trip. The sun is rising now and I should get ready for a morning run, but these quiet dark hours before dawn always feel like I need learn things, pra Speaking a language, working on my drawing, writing something interesting ng, it achieves something to start the day with, but that sun keeps rising. Today it’s windy. New week, I wonder what fun it will bring.

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