The 46th President of the United States

On the day of the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, I was watching and taking notes on the iPad. I don’t know where to stop when I am doing a speech as it is going I have to write down every word, but you don’t know before getting into the key parts. For example, I could write something about clothes hangers or something and then forget to write down the word about some groundbreaking theory about dark matter or something. Not the subject of this speech, but on a historic day you don’t want to be the person at the inauguration of the FDR who wrote down the details of locusts and profits, but “The only thing we have to leave out” is fear itself “. So I was just writing words when it happened, I didn’t sketch during Amanda Gorman’s incredible opening poem “The Hill We Climb”, I was just mesmerized by it, it was a beautiful moment, I will probably be another Ms. Gorman’s performance I have read it a few times and enjoyed Kamala Harris’s speech, but Biden’s inauguration made me very happy. I just wish I hadn’t drawn him like Robert Kilroy-Silk. Anyway, in my drawing, the real Joe looks nothing like Kilroy. Oh, Kilroy!. Do you remember? Americans won’t, he used to be on TV in the 90’s, in the mornings, he had a kind of Jerry Springer -Literary show called “Kilroy”. I remember seeing it every morning on TV in the common room where I lived in Belgium while having a tuna panini for breakfast, so I always remember the taste of tuna when you think of Kilroy. In fact, it wasn’t like Jerry Springer was thinking backward; It was one of those daytime chat shows that aired around 9:30 or 10 a.m., right after BBC breakfast time or whatever, but the audience group was sitting in front of the camera and there would have been a topic they’d talk about, I don’t know, meddlers in England they’d talk about, holes in the road or immigrants or something like that, and Kilroy was jumping from person to person with his microphone and his permanent tanned face and his silky kilroy voice, and then telling everyone to “watch out … and each other” in a totally non-creepy way, before they canceled his show after he wrote controversial stuff about Arabs, then he was one of the first UKIP users, jumping on being all anti-EU, and I don’t think I’ve ever thought of Kilroy once since I left Britain in 2005 until now when I accidentally drew him accepting the presidency of the United States. The last thing we would need is a permanent tan. TV personality with a history of trying to attack Muslims and criticize immigrants rant in charge of things, hey kids. In fact, I had to go through my notes to make sure I didn’t mishear Biden saying “Take care … and each other “; luckily he didn’t. But anyway, welcome, President Joe! Little did I know his middle name was ‘Robinette’, you learn something new every day.

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