Can we apply for grants to get money for our education scholarships?

Yes, it is possible to apply for grants to fund education scholarships. Grants are a form of financial aid that can help students pay for their education. Unlike loans, grants do not need to be repaid, so they can be a great option for students who need financial assistance. There are many organizations that offer … Read more

Fun Duct Tape Scholarship 2021 and 2022 – College


Duct Tape Scholarship Earn a Duct Tape Scholarship by getting Stuck at Prom in your creative duct tape outfit for you and your prom date. Or enjoy some Halloween fun and enter in the wacky Halloween Duct Tape Contest. The Duct Tape Scholarship is one of the wacky scholarships for college, offered by Duck Tape … Read more

Loran Scholars Foundation

Loran Scholars Foundation

In partnership with universities, donors and volunteers across the country, we’re investing in the future of Canada. We offer the country’s largest and most comprehensive four-year undergraduate award (valued at $100,000) to young Canadians on the basis of character, service and the promise of leadership. In a society that believes so strongly in tangible rankings … Read more

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

To recognize and reward academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies. Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship This scholarship was named in honour of Alexander Rutherford, who had the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. He was known for his strong support of public … Read more

2020-2022 Canada’s Immigration Level Program Launched By Editor Migration

The crucial call to decide how many potential people are accepted into Canada is determined by six key indicators, but there is one main reason.The launch of the 2020-2022 Canadian Immigration Level Program in Canada will spark more debate. The debate should focus on topics such as the number of refugees Canada should accept, the … Read more

Getting Permanent Residency in Canada is the Best Way to Settle Abroad

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid such intense competition and improve your chances of obtaining a permanent residence visa. If you are a candidate who is very interested in the desired situation, you can decide to follow the educational path.In recent years, obtaining a permanent residence visa for Canada has become a tough competition … Read more

Freshman Scholarship Programs 2021-2022


Each year, Baylor University awards more than $7.5 million of generous scholarships to high-achieving attendees at the following programs: Getterman Scholars Program Invitation to Excellence Baylor2Baylor Medical Program Baylor2Baylor Law Program Baylor2Baylor Seminary Program Distinguished Scholars Day For the 2021-2022 year, we will offer a hybrid of virtual and in-person offerings to accommodate all prospective students … Read more