What Is Amulet Introduction, Rewards, Navigating

What is amulet?

introduction, rewards, navigating.

Amulet Protocol is built on advanced technology.

Amulet is a decentralized risk protection protocol for the rust based ecosystem initially deployed under solana.

You can get covers on amulet, Cover Only 2% of digital assets in our industry are protected. Amulet Protocol offers additional protection to your digital assets with an array of solutions including smart contract vulnerability, stablecoin de-peg and NFT cover options.

It’s also a platform where you can stake token, unstable and earn rewards for staking. Amulet Protocol has 3 layers of protection between claims and assets.

Staking is easy to do and more importantly, with the highest level of security behind it.

You earn on amulet too, Amulet Protocol is built on advanced technology.

Our hybrid claims management will see full automation on situations such as a trigger of a stablecoin depegging leading to payouts.

Amulet Protocol also manages claim payouts through its DAO model.

Website: https://amulet.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amuletprotocol?s=21&t=qwk6QnNS9M7iRSiS0wFP6A

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