Tee marley ft King famous kowolepe

Tee marley ft King famous kowolepe

Tee marley ft King famous kowolepe

New track

You think life is easy
But you came out with no sisi
Smallking give us beat with more efisy
So our enemies will stop moving

It your boy Tee Marley
They call me King Famous in case you don’t know emi emi Nani


I hustle for the money kowolepe
Kori mi je kin koredele ha
No struggle no success
When I no hustle no money go pay

Oluwa bless me cause I need this money
Owo Loma she koko laye
Kan ma bumi pe mio le gbe bodi o
I have muscle motun ni energy oo

I swear to God make I hit my glory don’t let my enemies see my glory
I dey pray always Kaye mase mi
Lori enemies awa lama bori
Tanimola tanimola
Kaye mi sati Dara kin ma see ise aje kinma see palara……..Kaye mi sati Dara

Cause we no come here to play
We no come here to joke
Taba korin won ma jo
But we no be commando eeh
Ah brother no easy oo eh eh
Ah is no easy but we just a gee ah ah
And we fuck the shit

Orin mi lo Savage
Tinba korin oma ni pakaging
I compose my song with more remedy
I may dance with it ninu cementry ye

To be come a man is no easy
That why ni mose,mose singing
Kawon fansi mi kanma gbomi
Tinba losi show Kan ma video mi……..


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