What do I need to do to get money into my account from Nigeria?

To get money into your account from Nigeria, you will need to have a bank account in Nigeria and arrange for the funds to be transferred to your account. This can typically be done through a bank-to-bank transfer, using a service like Western Union or MoneyGram, or through an online money transfer service. The specific … Read more

Nigeria’s proposed new name – The United African Republic

the united african republic

What is someone from the United African Republic called? Uranium or Urea? The answer is keeping many Nigerians awake as they chew over a proposal to change the name of the country. For two weeks, federal lawmakers have been traversing the country collating citizens’ views to amend the constitution. The idea was to gather suggestions … Read more

Reps Considers Scrapping National Youth Services Corps

House of Representative Considers Scrapping National Youth Services Corps (NYSC) In the house of representatives, It has been introduced that a bill to amend the 1999 constitution to scrap the National Youth Services Corps (NYSC). The constitution of the National Republic Of Nigeria Alteration Bill, 2020, which is seeking to repeal the NYSC Act. Is … Read more

CBN Governor Promises Digital Currency Will Come To Nigeria

CBN Governor promises digital currency will come to Nigeria. During the 279th MPR meeting held today in Abuja, the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele assured Nigerians that digital currencies will have a place in the country. He said, “We have carried out our investigation and we found out that a substantial percentage of our people are … Read more