Lagos Woman Turned Down Job Offer Of N190k Because She Was Scared Of The Third Mainland Bridge

Occupation looking is a major test among numerous Nigeria work searchers. In any case, it appears to be a few people are placated at their present status passing by this account of how a woman turned down a N190k proposition for employment in Lagos because of her fear of the Third Mainland Bridge.

This was shared by a Twitter client.

As per @lollypeezle, the woman figured she would be given the job in the Mainland office of the firm whose island office is the just one working right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that the woman turned down the work on grounds of her being frightened of ”bounty water and Third Mainland Bridge.”

He Tweeted;

Just today, a woman turned down a worthwhile occupation on the Island. She said she can’t take it since she’s terrified of Third Mainland Bridge. I was astounded

Simply Third Mainland Bridge o

190k occupation that individuals will kick the bucket for with all the paparazzi connected. I wish I could switch positions.

Apparently, the organization is a respectable land organization with workplaces on the territory and island. She figured she would be given the job in the Mainland office however as of now, due to Coronavirus, the organization is just working at the island office….

Madam said she can’t accept the position. She’s frightened of bounty water and Third Mainland Bridge. A staff even offered to bring her from Alapere where she stays, she didn’t acknowledge. She said she has heard a great deal about the scaffold… a great deal bii ti bawo? She no need work.

In what can be depicted as an unexpected difference in fortunes, this Twitter client left his adherents bewildered in the wake of sharing a fairly stunning anecdote about a lady who wedded her significant other’s executioner.

@Jefe_says who took to the microblogging stage uncovered that his cousin who stays in the Caribbean imparted the story to him.

As indicated by him, the man had been sentenced for the homicide however subsequent to serving 3 years in prison, he got delivered on acceptable conduct during the pinnacle of the worldwide Covid pandemic.

After his delivery from prison, he visited the spouse of the man he murdered and apologized. She pardoned him however the man demanded investigating her to be certain that she is doing fine.

The Twitter client said that from that point on, a relationship bloomed and they got hitched in October. At the point when she was inquired as to why she wedded the individual answerable for her better half’s passing, the lady said she saw ”a piece of her significant other in the person”.

@Jefe_says composed;

“Omo, things are going on. So this cousin of mine who stays in the Caribbean revealed to me this account of how a lady wedded the one who slaughtered her better half.

Clearly, he had been sentenced and gone through 3 years in prison yet got delivered ‘on acceptable conduct’ during the covid19 top period

“At the point when he got delivered, he visited the lady to apologize. She pardoned him and he demanded investigating her consistently. Believe me, from that point relationship start o.

They got hitched in October and when individuals inquired as to whether she dey ment for wedding her better half’s executioner

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