For what reason did Facebook block my URL? You may inquire… what can you do to unblock your URL?

The short however upsetting answer: You are not VALUABLE.

You may find upset about that solution and say: “however I am significant. I just shared my connection to few gatherings and across Facebook. What made you say such? Am I not on Facebook? Is that not worth?

unblock your url from facebook
unblock your url from facebook

My answer: You are as yet not VALUABLE.

You may in any case say: ” yet I went to Facebook troubleshooting device and announced that my connection is hindered. I even got 5 of my companions to do same, however my connection is as yet obstructed. Is that not worth that 6 of us detailed 1 connection?

My answer: You are as yet not VALUABLE. On the off chance that you utilized Facebook troubleshooting device on different occasions and still no answer or your connection is as yet hindered, at that point Congrats! You’ve recently gotten a straight pass to Facebook’s dark book.

At the point when you use Facebook troubleshooting device on different occasions, what Facebook sees is SPAM!

Things being what they are, you may ask, “how would I get important to Facebook?”

My answer: Have a Facebook business account otherwise known as Facebook page(which is allowed to make).

In the event that you are presenting your connection to Facebook and no answer, you are doing this as a FACEBOOK USER regardless of whether you have a page. You need to change accounts from USER to BUSINESS.

Presently, making a FACEBOOK page is simple yet what’s simple is generally simple not to do. (unblock your url)

At the point when you’ve made a FACEBOOK page, you are as yet a USER. You actually need to complete 3 things.

  1. Check your page from
  2. Check your area from
  3. Check your telephone number and if conceivable, interface it with your WhatsApp business account.

On the off chance that you don’t do 2 or the entire 3 of these, you will not get “live help” or “talk with fb delegate.”

Step by step instructions to GET UNBLOCKED USING FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE (unblock your url)

  1. Snap
  2. Snap-on “Get Started”
  3. Snap-on “Policy & Account Security”
  4. Snap-on “Chat with a representative”
  5. Snap-on “Start Chat”

Stand by a couple of moments and a FACEBOOK specialist will visit with you.

Tell the individual your URL has been impeded and you kindly need it unblocked (be affable).

Add this extra juice if you may: Tell the person you also want to run ads but since your URL is blocked, you can’t.

Within 24hrs or a few weeks, it will surely be unblocked. You may or may not receive an email from FACEBOOK but after 24hrs, keep testing your link on FACEBOOK to see if it is unblocked.

If your link is not unblocked, the problem will be from your site due to the INSECURE CONTENT. The FACEBOOK agent will tell you that though but you will have to find those connections on your site and remove them (could be images or a code in your site or HTTPS).

I’ll be tagging this post as announcement so that when your site is unblocked, you can come back with testimonies. (unblock your url)






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