campus life part 1

When we were in high school teachers used to tell us sweet stories about campus. I don’t know what has changed but after getting in campus everything is completely opposite of what 5they used to tell us.

They told us that when we get in campus we would eat all we want, drink when we want, wake up when we want not forgetting we would have the freedom to do what we want. Guess what?, they lied to us.
imagine they even told us tht in the university girls would even love us because there was a shortage opf men in campus. PUUURE LIES

GETTING in campus we found a whole different version of it. waking up we wake up at 6am because we have some classes scheduled at 8am.
Eating is a problem, we survive with 1 meal a day because of the big financial crisis we have.
now for boys, their main aim was getting those girls who were running after boys. what a dissappointment.
Without money in campus getting a girl in campus without money is nearly impossible./ girls in campus right now are rolling with the big men. we call them wababa. old people with money men have not been left behind, for the love of money they are now running at old women just for the love of money.
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