businesses that you can start in Kenya with as little as 20000sh

businesses that you can start in Kenya with as little as 20000sh

sometimes you can find it difficult to start a small business with 20,000 KES (about US$200), but it is possible. Here are some business ideas you can consider.

Online services:

The popularity of the Internet and social media has made it possible to start an online service business with minimal initial costs. Some options are:

Social media management:

Many small businesses and individuals need help managing their social media accounts and creating content. With a basic knowledge of social media and marketing, you can offer this service to your clients.

Website design:

With your web design skills, you can offer website design and development services to small businesses and individuals.

Online tutoring:

Online tutoring services can be offered to Kenyan students if they have expertise in a particular subject.

Mobile servicing:

Many people in Kenya rely on mobile phones for communication and internet access. You can start a business offering mobile-based services such as:

Mobile phone repair:

If you have mobile phone repair experience, you can start a mobile phone repair business.

Mobile banking:

Many people in Kenya use mobile banking apps to manage their finances. If you have financial services experience, we can help you set up and use these apps.

Mobile marketing:

With basic marketing skills, you can offer mobile marketing services to small businesses and individuals.


If you’re passionate about a particular product, you can start a retail business selling that product. Some options are:

clothing: If you’re good at fashion, you can start a clothing store that sells stylish and affordable clothes.

Beauty products:

Beauty products are in high demand in Kenya and you can start a business selling quality products at affordable prices.


If you love reading and have a good understanding of the book market, you can start a business selling books online or in physical locations.

Food and Beverages:

There is always a demand for food and drink and you can start a small business in this sector with minimal initial cost.A few options are:

Street food:

If you have a knack for cooking, you can start a street food business that sells snacks and meals from mobile carts and kiosks.


With your baking skills, you can start a small bakery that sells a variety of baked goods.


Businesses that you can start in Kenya with as little as 20000sh

If you have experience in cooking or event planning, you can start a catering business that provides services for events and parties.

These are just some of the small business ideas you can start in Kenya on a budget. It’s important to do market research to make sure there’s a demand for your product or service and create a sound business plan that will help your business succeed.Delvin Nil


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