9 signs a woman badly wants you

sometimes its very difficult to understand a woman and most men refer to women as different creatures. did you know that 90% of women don’t believe in proposing to a man or opening up feelings to men? its funny, right?

now with all this women will expect you to follow their sign language and this is where many men fail.

Many are the times you friend zone a girl who has feelings for you and this girl will never open up.

today i will explain to you some of the hidden signs that a woman signals expects you to notice and take action

  1. she will always try to impress you with the things you like
  2. she will keep calling even at late night hours
  3. she replies to your messages instantly
  4. she always lights up and smiles outwadly when you are talking
  5. she will visit you even without notifying you
  6. she will always complement how you look
  7. she will always try to be funny when you are around her.
  8. she hates ore becomes jelous when you talk about other girls

Now if you have a girl bestie who clearly shows this signs, then i advise you, its your time to take action.

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