Vivian Bullwinkel Award Australia

Vivian Bullwinkel Award Australia

The Vivian Bullwinkel Grant is a lofty grant. The ANMC was established in 1950 by Vivian Bullwinkel and Betty Jeffrey, extraordinary medical caretakers and overcomers of WWII Wartime captive Camps, the Australian Attendants Commemoration Center (ANMC) was set up to respect Australian attendants who lost their lives in the different conflicts or compassionate tasks. As a feature of its central goal to go about as “a living commemoration” by propelling the nursing calling through instruction.


This grant is for concentrate in Australia. Open to medical caretakers and birthing specialists who are residents or perpetual occupants of Australia and hold current enrollment with the Nursing and Maternity care Leading body of Australia (NMBA).


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The application can be found on the ANMC site. If it’s not too much trouble, audit the qualification models for all applications and backing administrative work should be submitted with your application.

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