Mathias Pogbar’s case: paul pogbar, together with four others have been arrested after being accused of engaging in a criminal activity.

Mathias Pogba, 32, was accused for cheating in arranged gang and partnership in a criminal partnership, pronounced a legal beginning. According to a beginning close to the examination, he was established under the more approving rank of witness for basic facts of seclusion in the night of 19 to 20 March.


Mathias Pogba, massive in a light silver tracksuit, appeared very condensed. The four different distrusts, relatives of the Pogba twins old 27 to 36 age, have existed accused for blackmail with atomic weapon, abduction in an arranged group and criminal sedition.Three of bureaucracy have been confine physically held by force.

The one of four equal parts wanted a delay and was conditionally incarcerated undecided the debate before the JLD. During their confinement begun Tuesday and Wednesday at the Central Office for Combating Organized Crime (Oclco), the five suspects pronounced they were “sufferers of things whose names they refuse to present”, pronounced another beginning close to the survey.

The most aged has then been sentenced two times for criminal acts, pronounced a beginning nearly the case. He used a splint all the while the debate, guaranteeing, in accordance with this beginning, bearing happened shot in an arm in the framework of the Pogba case.

Mr Romain Boulet, the one defending a 33-period-dad, trusts that his customer “is a casualty of guidance and dangers from blackmailers, also as Paul Pogba. It is a trap that has concentrated him,” he said.”In the same way as Paul Pogba, my customer claims expected a sufferer in this place case.

Mr Carole Niechcicki, counselor of a man innate in 1988.- Questions on the function of Mathias Pogba -The part of Mathias Pogba is not still “completely clear” and “the review is far from over”, according to the beginning.Mathias Pogba permitted, beyond the investigators, expected at the action of the video bearing disclosed this liaison that shakes the realm of a sport in two months of the World Cup in Qatar

(November 20 – December 18). In this video, announced on August 27, the elder pledged “tellings” on welcome more immature relative.Paul Pogba, Juventus player, had therefore disclosed that he had ground a discontent accompanying the prosecutor’s commission in Turin (Italy) on July 16, attacking cheating middle from two points March and July 2022 consisting of 13 heap euros.

Star of the French team, Paul Pogba discerned the investigators to have happened cornered by youth companions and two cowled men, equipped accompanying assault rifles, accusing him for not bearing assisted them financially.Of the 13 heap euros demanded, he mentions he compensated 100,000 euros.The 29-period-traditional midfielder, nicknamed the “Pioche”, had therefore demanded to have acknowledged welcome twin between the suspects. However, he supposed, all the while another trial, that Mathias was “under time pressure” from nation wanting to catch services from him.Mathias Pogba, again a professional footballer, is still doubtful of bearing pressured welcome twin’s power, the advocate Rafaela Pimenta, to take Paul Pogba to pay the amount claimed by welcome blackmailers.

The affliction of the power was attributed to the continuous process, confirmed the legal beginning.In this case, performs the name of the French a sport star Kylian Mbappé. According to Paul Pogba, welcome blackmailers cherished to discredit him by radio ideas at which point he would have wanted a marabout to “cast a spell” on the PSG protester, which he disputes.

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