Justina syokau explains why she stuck with her husband despite openly cheating

Benga singer Justina syokau further revealed that she had to live in the streets after her husband eventually kicked her out.

The twendii twendii hitmaker on an interview with the trend disclosed that she was in a toxic relationship with a violent partner who eventually kicked her and the children out.

“I was married to a cheater and I never thought it would turn out like this. He used to throw me out even during my pregnancy period. I tried to stick with him since our parents encouraged us to do so but there came a time and I decided I can’t take it anymore.”

I used to think that through prayers may be he would change but he even became more futile and hostile. After finding him with another woman in my own house, he eventually kicked me out and I went to live under muthurwa footbfootbridge”””

when she was asked about ringtone, this is what she had to say, “first of all, ringtone has so many dramas which makes it difficult for us to live together. Not forgetting Ringtone does not have enough money to maintain me””””

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