Cryptocurrency Tips That You Need In Everyday Trading

Cryptocurrency Tips That You Need In Everyday Trading

Cryptocurrency Tips That You Need In Everyday Trading


  1. Stick to your trading plan…If you’ve analyzed the market and you plan to make 20% profit in a day/week and you reach it, exit the trade.
  2. Don’t stick around because you see the market moving further than your 20% fr other people. This is greed, and it will slaughter you.
  3. If your plan is to hold/hold for the long term, and the market moves in the opposite direction and things look red and bleak. Stick to your plan and hold your position, no matter the different massive moves/dips/peaks in the market. If you sell in a panic, you’ve already lost cos your letting fear rule you.
  4. Be selective about who you follow and listen to. Stop listening to so-called rich people and celebrities who want to position themselves as Experts. Like Elon Musk.
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They have massive teams who advise them and they have their own trading plans. They have massive investment money and their goal is to prey on the new people who are inexperienced, and gobble up all their investments fr lack knowledge (whales) they influence people/the market positively or negatively, so u need to know who u follow and listen to.

Some will issue media statements to influence the small investor/the crowd and when the masses react to whatever they said, they then come in and scoop all their investments cos they’re unaware of how the market works.

In fact: when u win, it means someone else has lost. So if u have invested big money and u win big, that means someone else has lost big too. That’s the nature of the game. And many people are newbies and can’t even handle these dips/massive price reversals.

  1. Learn to read the markets, and know-how, and where to enter and exit trades (whether your holding long-term or you’re a day trader). So you can manage that greed and fear, and manage yr money correctly. Trading is not gambling, but a calculated investment.
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